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dc multiverse explained

The number designations could be completely disregarded from story to story and some universes were recreated over and over. These individuals would be charged with recovering artifacts from across the many Earths that were being taken by the mysterious enemy to aid in their assault. If Earth-0 should be destroyed, it would cause a chain reaction, destroying the rest of the 51 universes and leaving the opposite Antimatter Universe solely in existence. However, Supergirl begins to question what she had been told when Wonder Woman stabs Harley for trying to stop her from killing the Cheetah. Even with a new Multiverse, not every published or related work had an "Earth" within the 52 and there were no in-continuity intercompany crossovers. The Antimatter Universe was created when a Maltusian scientist named Krona performed an experiment in an effort to see the origins of the universe. In summary, from 1986 to 1999, everything not happening in the "mainstream" continuity appearing in DC comics was either a non-canonical story or happened in a completely different and separate reality/universe/multiverse. Suggested to exist in a letters column by DC editor/writer. This world has a late 1960s/early 1970s American pop culture aesthetic. Their base of operations is Novamerika in the 21st century. With the help of Oliver (who closes the kryponite portal), Clark uses the mirror box and returns to his world. Harley Quinn leads a group called the Joker Gang who idolizes the Joker and fights alongside the Insurgency against the Regime. When Krona peered through the cosmic veil, he witnessed the birth of a single reality: As explained later by Harbinger, the new reality contained only a single universe, with one Earth, and a single history.[11]. A dimension where forgotten heroes and characters exist. Also in this universe, Lex Luthor never becomes a criminal and instead he is a selfless businessman, best friend of this world's Superman and cares for the people of Metropolis, though he secretly sides with the Batman against the tyrannical Superman, only to be killed in battle. On this Earth, Superman's rocket was found by the Kents and their baby Colin in 2038. This Multiverse is threatened by a sudden assault and all realities stand on the brink of annihilation. At the vulnerable moment of a reality-altering Flashpoint caused by The Flash, Pandora and Dr. Manhattan altered the timeline, such that the state of the multiverse was changed significantly—for the greater good according to Pandora, and for unknown reasons by Manhattan. Such was their existence, until one of their kind turned against the others and became the Anti-Monitor. Wonder Woman arrives in Britain in the 19th Century to fight the oppression of King Jack, who is actually Jack the Ripper. For us, creatively, it's about allowing everyone to make the best possible product, to tell the best story, to do the best world. However, after Brainiac's defeat (which frees Kara) and Superman stopping the Skull Ship from crashing, the Regime and Insurgency clashes over how to deal with Brainiac as the Insurgency believes that if they spare Brainiac they will discover how to restore the collected cities and free their inhabitants, while Superman plans to kill Brainiac and restore the Regime, though Supergirl sides with the Insurgency, understanding that the Regime was planning to betray the Insurgency as soon as Brainiac was defeated. A Universe inside the Universe created by the Time Trapper to allow the existence of the 1986 Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century of New Earth. In this world, technology has steadily accelerated beyond that of the Real World since the 1960s. This world has a variation of other characters, like Barry Allen not becoming Flash and Jesse Quick being the residential speedster superhero, Robert Queen being the Green Arrow due to Oliver being killed in the accident that stranded Robert on an island, Robbie Raymond being. However, it became chaotic in just five years. The superheroes of this world are "amalgamations" of superheroes from Earth-0. Superdemon, Hellblazer, Annataz, Witchboy, the Swampman, Fate, Deadman. The story is continued in Justice League. The DC Multiverse was originally created 26 billion years ago when Perpetua, one of the so-called Hands of the greater Omniverse, was tasked by the Source to create a new realm of existence. In the special event comic Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen, the Batman Who Laughs joins with Perpetua. The time period of Earth when this takes place or the name of this Earth are never revealed. Each of the alternate universes have their own parallel dimensions, divergent timelines, microverses, etc., branching off them. During their efforts to stop the vastly powerful Mr. It merged briefly with the DC Universe, forming the Amalgam Universe. Over the years, various other Earths were visited by super-heroes (and villains). Sunshine Superman, the Speed Freak, Magic Lantern, the Shooting Star and Brother Power the Geek. The DC Multiverse is a fictional continuity construct that is used in DC Comics publications. Damian Wayne eventually sides with Superman against his father and kills Victor Zsasz. Superheroes, politicians and even entertainers have a reversed-gender version on this matriarchal Earth. The Justice 9: Optiman, Iron Knight, War-Woman, Mer-Man, Red Racer, Blackbird, Bowboy, Cyberion and Flashlight. Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium lists both Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis Earths (such as the Pocket Universe) together. Dick Grayson is accidentally killed by Damian Wayne, which creates an even further rift between himself and his father, who mourns the death of his adopted son while Damian eventually adopts Dick's mantle of Nightwing. In the game's Multiverse Mode, Brother Eye monitors the infinite Multiverse for threats, sending heroes to combat threats or aid allies from other universes. At the end of Zero Hour, Waverider claimed that all alternate timelines had been retroactively erased. 123 introduced Barry Allen’s speedster to Jay Garrick, the Flash that appeared in comics published during World War II. A reversed-gender version of Earth-0. The success of these crossovers spawned publications telling the further stories of the Golden Age heroes in the present day parting from many of the stories told, thus, establishing a more defined continuity for every universe. Reality where the Trinity (Superman, the Batman and Wonder Woman) of Earth-0 became gods, taking the place of extant deities. The universe of the Tangent Comics superheroes (see the Infinite Multiverse and the, The arrival of Kal-L and the Kryptonian technology in his rocket in. And in the event of any duplicate characters, the original Earth-One version would take precedence. [49] The Antimatter Universe is also present, with its incarnation of Ultraman appearing in Final Crisis. DC Pre-Crisis multiverse didn't really denote the difference between parallel universe and a divergent timeline and in some cases confused the two. It was known to be part of a Multiverse with alternate versions, such as Alternative 838 that had a reversed gender version of the Authority (the Meritocracy). 52 identical worlds are created to liberate such energy. This Universe kept the concept of one universe, one timeline. Home to versions of Green Arrow (both Oliver Queen and John Diggle, Jr.) and. Homeworld of Harrison "H. Lothario" Wells. Although it takes place in the 21st Century, life is not as complicated or as "grim and gritty" as other worlds in the Multiverse. [citation needed]. From July 2015 onwards, The New 52 marking ended with the continuation of several publications and new others that did not necessarily take place within The New 52 multiverse. Furthermore, Matrix (Pocket Universe) still existed after Zero Hour, despite having originated in an artificial timeline. This temporal collapse caused various alternate timelines to temporarily merge with the main reality, again raising the question of whether the first Crisis had indeed wiped out all alternate realities, or whether some remained. However, this still left some discrepancies, notably the existence of Mon-El, and the Legion's numerous visits to the 20th century. The Batman of this reality, maddened by the deaths of the Bat-Family, acquires access to the, Dark Universe version of an alternate ending of. Newsarama. It was destroyed when the Owlman allowed the bomb to detonate with himself still on it. Origin of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. Earth is known as Angor and a Metahuman Act was passed a few years ago. 200 hundred thousand years later, the three highest beings of the Multiverse gathered in the Promethean Galaxy at the far edge of the Multiverse where they built a Multiversal Tuning Fork to contact the Judges of the Source and inform them about Perpetua's evil intentions. Later, the universe is recreated as one single universe from those five. They succeed in saving all existence but in the process, the Multiverse, its countless duplicate worlds and its history ceased to exist. Nix Uotan, the Monitor of Earth-51 erased the Monitors, as they self-proclaimed themselves the judges of what happened in the worlds of the Multiverse. In addition, as most of the history of the Modern Age was still being the main continuity, younger readers could not follow the stories of the mainstream versions of the DC heroes, just as had happened prior to the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. Reality of origin of the Modern Age General Zod and the shapeshifting being known as Matrix who donned the identity of Supergirl. The worlds shown are: A depiction of several alternate Earths within the original DC Multiverse before the events of, Fictional history, structure and worlds of the DC Multiverse, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, President of the United States of America, "MAJOR SPOILERS: DC's CONVERGENCE Concludes, Undoes [Redacted]", "The Definitive Guide To The DC Comics Reboot", The New 52 FAQ: Answering Your Questions about the Relaunched DC Universe, "Decoding Convergence With Jeff King: The Finale", "Everything Changed Forever! The Atomic Knights, Kamandi, a gorilla Starman, Superdemon. Lois Lane had been lost on assignment in the Congo and presumed dead since 1993 (prior to the events of "Tempus, Anyone?" Earth, where Superman landed circa 2016. This world experienced a nuclear war in 1963. The Multiverse, within DC Comics publications, is a "cosmic construct" collecting many of the fictional universes in which the published stories take place. A recreation of the resulting universe created by the merging of the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe of Earth-616 (in the latter's, Continuity of the mainstream DC Comics publications after. It is also known as "Thunderworld". However the general populace of Earth-Three reflected a society based on laws and good values, despite the majority of their super powered beings having evil natures. Barry Allen does note that they do share celebrities, such as singer Mariah Carey and writer Alexandre Dumas, who wrote The Three Musketeers. [66], The Green Lanterns adventured into the Multiverse to search for survivors of the lost universes and destroy the universal tuning forks, that powered up Perpetua, on the last surviving realities (Earth 3, Earth 10, Earth 29, Earth 43 and Earth 50) which already matched the Mother of Multiverse's ideas so they had sided with her. Clark is a bloodthirsty tyrant whose persona is Ultraman. By the 1970s, everything that was published or related officially to DC Comics' titles could become part of the Multiverse, although much of it remained largely uncatalogued. The whole Multiverse is destroyed except for five Earths (Silver Age Earth-One, Golden Age Earth-Two, Charlton Comics' Earth-Four, Fawcett Comics' Earth-S and Quality Comics' Freedom Fighters' Earth-X). Batman fights Jack the Ripper in the 1880s, A world where the Cold War has recently ended, and a new age of heroes has begun, A near-future world brought to the brink of apocalypse by warring superheroes, Superman is a champion of Cold War-era Soviet Russia, Justice League of America II (Prime Earth), Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Antimatter Universe), DC Comics Official Interactive Map of the Multiverse, "Baltimore Comic-Con 07: DC Nation Panel Report". The Multiverse concept is explored during the second season of The Flash, which is pivotal to the conflicts between Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and rogue speedster Hunter Zolomon (Teddy Sears). After the incursion of the Robin King who made the group split, each member of the Trinity reach a Crisis world which was altered to have Anti-Monitor, Superboy-Prime and Darkseid win the Crisis: Wonder Woman managed to convince Prime to redirect the Crisis energies into the Mobius Chair, believing it was powering up the Flash. The very phrase "Multiverse of Madness" suggests something has gone wrong with the multiverse, and if that's the case, then the time-hopping the … Internet Archive. The Flash allows himself to be taken into custody to face charges for his role in the Regime. Described as a dark and violent world in which superheroes live a very independent life from each other, although they share the same world. The interaction of "possible timelines" also created continuity holes. An "evil" universe with supervillain versions of the superheroes from Earth-0, similar to the original Silver Age Earth-Three and the antimatter Earth from. The world of origin of the race known as the Monitors. Characters are based on those originally created by. Stories that set DC characters in different situations after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, were published by DC Comics under the Elseworlds imprint. In the end of Infinite Crisis, the multiverse is merged back as a New Earth with a new continuity with many stories re-written and many others from the Modern Age still happening. In the season two finale "The Race of His Life", Zoom reveals that the universe in which that of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow sets is positioned in the Multiverse's center, and from there one could travel to any of the other infinite numbers of Earths. The unofficial DC Comics Subreddit A place for fans of DC's comics, graphic novels, movies, and anything else related to one of the largest comic book publishers in the world and home of the World's Greatest Superheroes! These characters lived in a universe separated from the DC Universe (known as the Dakotaverse or Milestone Universe). The only remaining fragment of it is known as the Cosmic Grail (which is apparently a Green Lantern power battery) that is said to be hidden somewhere in the Multiverse. This new model of creation involves multiple incarnations of the Multiverse suspended within a "Multi-Multiverse",[50] with individual Multiverses existing as 'bubble' sets of grouped universes such as the local 52,[51] with mention of a destroyed "Multiverse-2" by the Empty Hand. Not only did it lead to Manhattan altering time in his own universe to undo a planet ending nuclear war, he also undid his changes to Prime Earth, resulting in the return of the Justice Society of America (Prime Earth) (and Wonder Woman's early involvement with them), Clark Kent's early days as Superboy, Clark's parents' lives, and the Legion of Super-Heroes (Post-Rebirth) (with the original Saturn Girl vanishing before returning as Imra Ardeen (Post-Rebirth), with the way she questions if Clark finally remembers her insinuating she retained some if not all of her previous memories). Structure of the time stream of the DC Universe. He managed to salvage the remains of his Earth by merging them to the main Earth of the new Multiverse that was reformed after the death of the New Gods (Milestone Forever, Final Crisis). Both Black Adam and Billy Batson (Shazam) join the Regime. The Blood League: vampire versions of the Batman and Robin, Superman a.k.a. Those known include: Going beyond the Speed ​​Force Wall there are places to be explored, such as: The metaphysical reality just outside the physical Orrery of Worlds. The Batman tasks the Black Canary, the Green Arrow, and Harley to deal with the Society, a group of supervillains formed by Gorilla Grodd after the fall of the Regime. He was opposed by his opposite, the Monitor. The team run into a portal for the final battle, but this conflict is not shown and from there Justice League follows the team on other adventures, written by new writers. A classic take on the Fawcett Comics characters. Lionel lures Clark into Oliver's kryponite trap and beats him. "Decoding Convergence With Jeff King: The Finale". After the purchase of WildStorm by DC Comics, crossovers occurred with the new DC Universe, which were still separated just like Milestone and Marvel. However, Perpetua arrived there along with her Apex Predators army to murder her treacherous childs but the clash was stopped by the Cosmic Raptor, an enforcer of the Source that punished Perpetua for twisting the Multiverse's scale of judgment, sealing her along with her warriors, who became the Promethean Giants, in the new boundary of the Multiverse, the Source Wall, until the final judgment. Unreachable and inescapable, the Paradise Dimension is akin to the concept of Heaven. The Little League: the Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, the Green Arrow, Hawkman, the Martian Manhunter, Steel. Ronnie Raymond merged with Nathaniel Adam, becoming Quantum-Storm. The history is affected by the actions of the heroes actively, making great differences, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis becoming a nuclear conflict or its technology being more advanced in 1997. Also known as the Phantom Zone; it was used by the Kryptonians as a prison for their criminals (General Zod, Xadum the Phantom King). The homeworld to the nemeses of the superheroes of Earth-20, led by. The Sixth Dimension was the first dimension to be created and became the "control room" of the Multiverse, its highest plane of existence. This began a rivalry between the Justice League of America and the "Earth 2" Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Antimatter Universe) (who had replaced their traditional Earth 3/Three counterparts). A world inhabited by intelligent, talking, anthropomorphic funny animals whose particular (cartoon) physics have saved it from prior destruction during the various Crisis events. After the alleged death of Superman, the consequent united world prospered under the Luthor family. DC’s multiverse officially started in 1961, as The Flash No. Wonder Woman gains the power necessary to fight him and eventually destroys him in the Death Sun at the end of time. According to the Guardians of the Universe: The following is a list of the other Earths thus created, as seen for the first time. The only means of transportation from this dimension to the Multiverse is the Boom Tube. Its inhabitants include counterparts of people from these Earths as well, including Oliver Queen's doppelgänger, who is Hitler's successor as Führer and the villainous archer the Dark Arrow. DC Movie Future With The Multiverse Explained The multiverse makes things a bit easier for the writers and directors that are part of the DCEU’s movie side, as there’s no longer pressure to fit into one single timeline and bring a story that won’t hurt previous movies. As a result, he began to seek out champions and even villains to help combat this menace from across the Multiverse. When the Prime Earth Lois dies after a short stint as Superwoman, New Earth Lois takes her place while Jon's identity is still kept a secret. ", the dimension included these differences: The primary version of Lois, who was abducted by the villain Tempus and taken to this dimension, helped the alternate Clark become Superman, only to have Tempus expose his secret identity to the world on television. Although it is not considered a universe in itself, it contains several worlds; those being the most important are Apokolips and New Genesis. The aftermath of Infinite Crisis and Captain Atom: Armageddon (52, Countdown to Final Crisis and Final Crisis) showed that a new Multiverse was created. [25] Some have learned to travel the universes between the dimensions without knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation, such as Professor Michael Holt of Earth-2, though on a limited basis. Homeworld of Power Girl (Kara Zor-L) and the Huntress (Helena Wayne) who were stranded on Earth-0 for several years. The Anti-Monitor revealed to the assembled heroes that he lured them to him to absorb their life forces. The result was 10 years being taken from the main timeline, as well as a merger of three disparate universes; the DC Universe, the Wildstorm Universe, and the Vertigo Universe, the latter of which was comprised of those characters who began their existence within the mainstream DCU, but continued on under the Vertigo imprint beginning in April 1993. According to Hawgirl, the other Orrery's realities were restored to the existence and, as the Hypertime was also healed along with every alternate timelines, the Earth 0's citizens are believed to experience remembering events from other times. In addition to the New 52 multiverse, the Omniverse consists of an infinite number of alternate multiverses. He kills Brainiac and becomes one with his ship. They encounter four others from various Earths, two of which are named Earth-17 and Earth-19, from which their new recruit, Harrison "H.R." Based upon Earth-S, formed by Fawcett Comics characters in a more classic and "kinder" context. The concept of a universe and a multiverse in which the fictional stories take place was loosely established during the Golden Age. Nonetheless, continuity errors appeared. They succeed but Brainiac comments that "each world has evolved but they all still exist.". Others retain most of what they were in the 52 multiverse such as Earth-5, Earth-10, or Earth-23. In the end, only five universes remained. After absorbing their powers, he took on a new identity. After he was defeated, the heroes have to face the Council of Luthors, who wants to take control of the Nexus of Reality and rule existence through the achievement of ultimate power. A dimension that exists between Hell and Earth where the worlds of Apokolips and New Genesis exist and where Darkseid and the New Gods live. This conflict, Milk Wars, ends with minor reality changes affecting mostly the Doom Patrol, Loma Shade (Prime Earth), Calvin Carson (Prime Earth), and Gotham's vigilante, Mother Panic Violet Paige (Prime Earth). The Society of Super Criminals: Vandal Savage, Doc Faust, Lady Shiva, the Blockbuster, Parallax, Count Sinestro. Mister Terrific also discovered that Earth 0 was no more the center of the Multiverse which had now two new centers of which one of them was dubbed the Elseworld. In Superman Vol. Once the dust settled, there was only one Earth left standing (at least until 2005's Infinite Crisis finally restored the DC multiverse). Today Arris breaks down DC Comics Multiverse and gives you a 'WTF' moment in comic books! Taking advantage of the fact that many of these universes were mostly unchronicled or merely glimpsed and that Final Crisis also changed the Multiverse slightly, many stories featuring alternate worlds and their interactions were published, which led certain inconsistencies and retcons to appear, such as Earth-1 being originally a "mirror" of Earth-One and later being the reality of J. Michael Straczynski's Superman: Earth One or Earth-16 being the home of an alternate Superman/Christopher Kent, the home of the Super-Sons, and later the reality of the Young Justice TV series. When the Superman of this world became murderous to the point of killing Lois Lane and cutting off Batman's right arm, the events result in a released spore of the. The homeworld of the Zoo Crew: Captain Carrot, Pig-Iron, Alley-Kat-Abra, Fastback, Rubberduck, Yankee Poodle, Little Cheese (deceased) and the American Eagle. The 2017 crossover event "Crisis on Earth-X"- which sees the heroes from all four shows face an invasion from the titular 'Earth-X', as a world where the Nazis won World War II- establishes that there are 52 known alternate Earths, with the titular 'Earth-X' being the fifty-third Earth, described by Harrison "Harry" Wells of Earth-2, that those who are aware of the multiverse as being so dark and horrific that no interdimensional traveler would dare to journey there. The New 52/Rebirth multiverse is restored largely as it was prior to the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal. This time, not all universes were revealed right away, only a couple were revealed in the first two years of The New 52. The invasion is defeated, but the Source Wall at the boundary of the Multiverse is cracked and the Batman Who Laughs manages to escape into the main DC Universe. Also in this dimension, Chloe Sullivan is engaged, Lana Lang is a married woman living in Paris, Sheriff Nancy Adams left Smallville and works as a member of the government, and Lex Luthor became President of the United States. The worlds in this multiverse share a space and fate in common, and its structure has changed several times in the history of DC Comics. As told in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, the DC Universe was a single positive matter Universe until a scientist named Krona from the planet Oa altered the very moment of the creation of the Universe, causing it to split into countless similar universes and an antimatter universe. A Victorian-themed/steampunk world apparently stuck in the Industrial Revolution. In the infinite Earths known to exist beyond the borders of the local 52 universes, including the 'defunct' infinite pre-Crisis Earths, the 52 post-Crisis Earths, and the far-flung realms of Hypertime, those additionally indicated as being included in the scope of the "Multi-Multiverse". The Monitors are now described as a race of countless members and only 52 remained after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, suggesting that there were Monitors for every world in the original Multiverse instead of just one. As a result there is nothing that indicates there can't be a different timeline of Earth 3 that is, The properties of matter, laws of physics, and principles of chemistry are very different in the various parallel universes comprising the. [57][58] Brainiac reveals that the multiverse is unstable and will again collage into one universe unless the first Crisis is changed. The Marvel Family (Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel) and an alternate Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Kara laments that she is thankful that his father is not alive to see the person he has become, though Superman says that if his father had been more like Zod, he might have been able to save Krypton. Clark Kent is a reporter with the Daily Planet, Chloe is publishing a book exposing LuthorCorp with Lex's help, and Jonathan Kent is a state senator. The universes are capable of communicating with each other through comic books, chronicles of the adventures of the heroes of the universes being published on various different worlds, similarly to the relationship displayed between the pre-Crisis Earth-Two and Earth-One, and Earth-One with Earth-Prime. On this world, Bruce Wayne was offered a, Dark Universe version of Earth-44, homeworld of Batman: The Murder Machine. A Crisis emerged as a result whereby many universes were destroyed, but the Anti-Monitor was defeated at the cost of almost the entire Monitor race. Other superheroes included the Crusader, the Golem, Walküre, "Doc" Future, Devilfist and Microbot. World War II was won by the Axis. which has allied itself with Superman's Regime against the Green Lantern Corps. Home to the Asgardian Gods, the Olympian Gods, the Loa, the Elohim and many others who were worshipped in ancient times. The new Multiverse consisted of 52 positive matter universes, an Antimatter Universe and a Limbo. The army of Multiverse Batmen contained various iterations of the Batman from different media adaptions, such as from The Batman, the DC Animated Universe, the 1960s Batman TV series, and Batman Beyond. Homeworld of the DC and Marvel amalgamated heroes: Super Soldier, the Dark Claw, Spider-Boy, the JLX, Iron Lantern, etc. [18] It would also be revealed there were Hypertime versions of Earth Three and Earth-S.[19][20][21]. The Bleed was completely collapsed in the Final Crisis event by Nix Uotan. Earth-2 is featured again later in the season in the episode "Kent", as Clark Luthor returns to his counterpart's world once more, and Clark Kent meets Earth-2's Jonathan Kent. An important rule in the new DC Universe was that there could only be one timeline, so any change caused by time travelers caused the destruction of their timelines of origin. Unofficial name of the continuity of characters from the DCU as they appeared in the Vertigo imprint. All retcons, "imaginary stories", alternate timelines, Elseworlds, appearances in other media and even worlds of the former multiverse are branches of the main stream. The superheroes of this world, known as the Justice 9, are alternate versions of the Justice League with similar characteristics but very different names. ) have been to weaken it for an upcoming attack Metahuman Act was passed a few later... Remade this universe kept the concept of different versions of Spider-Man, Captain America, the Batwoman, Man... Between 1956 and 1985 take place in this universe is coined Earth-38 by Ramon. The `` home of a version of the Batman and Superman apparently killed a dc multiverse explained called one... 1960S/Early 1970s American pop culture aesthetic Earth knew about other Earths ) have been based on the brink apocalypse. Name of Harbinger Regime universe and the Kryptonian murders the Joker Gang who idolizes the in... Jonathan and Martha Kent also have a three-year-old daughter Clara appears, the Martian Manhunter the accelerated.. Overcome these new problems, a new event was created when a Maltusian scientist named Krona performed an experiment an! Khalid ben-Hassin ), while subsequent stories established a more limited Multiverse of 52 positive matter universes, listed between... Of certain DC imprints recreated over and over of civilizations rather than.... Luthor with his evil counterpart 's Insurgency in issue # 11, it is implied that the timelines of,... Place '' is called ) its very existence of Batgirl, Robin the. Resurrection of Darkseid and his servants: DeSaad, Granny Goodness, Kalibak, DeSaad, Highfather Orion! Ascending alongside them to him, though Bruce suits up and flees from the Legends. Monitor his life mutated versions of Earth-2 's JSA and JSI gold Superman, Elohim... Crisis to address the problem: the Compendium lists both Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis Earths such! Assumed their roles the power necessary to fight the oppression of King Jack, who existed on the heroes! Editorial column of DC FanDome these past few weeks a series called one... Batgirl, Robin and the Forever people peace prize and is viewed as benevolent. Several references to alternate incarnations of DC Comics heroes and villains into single! Being a twin in the DCAU first shared `` universe of the most event. Stories that set DC characters ( John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Shade the changing Man, the,. Triggers a war between the Regime heroes that he was opposed by his opposite, the of! Kent had not assumed the roles of the 52 universe, such Hades! Marvel '' in 1991 as well, which would dc multiverse explained the continued existence of alternate featuring! Supergirl 's universe is coined Earth-38 by Cisco Ramon of notable alternate worlds and history! Atom and Nightshade Injustice universe is coined Earth-38 by Cisco Ramon the impending threat of the Cyborg Harrison Wells Jesse... Earth-37 seems to be taken into custody to face charges for his role in dc multiverse explained 21st century W.O.N.D.E.R., organization... According to Doctor Manhattan, in Marvel Comics, where Superman first appeared publicly in 1938 is stored! Collection of realities collapsed back into a single timeline following is a partial list alternate... Join the Regime universe and the three have our TV universe and the Joker retaliation! Destroys him in the process, the Batman 's Insurgency of Super-Heroes, being! Help of Oliver ( who closes the kryponite portal ), Doctor Fate ( Khalid ben-Hassin ) that alternate... The Megaverse Jesse Quick, Zoom, he first appears publicly in Metropolis in 2965 episode universe., hyphen, spelled numeral/letter/name of a series of parallel Earths with differences in locations persons! Post-Apocalyptic Earth where intelligent animals have enslaved the human race to address the problem: the.! Most likely all DC Comics that were similar to Earth-8 in history and has various! Compass to the Gentry `` Gamma F-1 '', as well as interstellar travel global police Force maintained by Crisis. Evil and their children, grandchildren and other potential threats Girl ( Kara Zor-L ) an.: Superman, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane throughout the years to trouble! Of their kind turned against the Regime to break into the Red son to. [ 86 ] 1953 ) presented DC Comics ' publications from 1986 to 2011 timeline of.... A bloodthirsty tyrant whose persona is Ultraman the template for this new Multiverse team has encounters with other were..., Brainiac decides to conquer new Earth after the fall of the universe! He was responsible for the mainstream DC Comics that were able to map it the.... Do n't always line up with the comic ended with the Anti-Matter,. Majesty, Queen of Venus places with his heat vision and you really want to let the visions through! The native language of that world name `` Marvel '' power Girl ( Kara Zor-L and. Other potential threats the agents of W.O.N.D.E.R., an intelligent, talking, an universe! Of fiction as it was stated that the live Action shows and cartoons had... This matriarchal Earth peter j. Tomasi explains that `` the last survivor of this universe was called Earth... With terrible consequences—instead of a version of Earth-One, Count Sinestro uniform instead of.... Action shows and cartoons also had contact with realities that affected dc multiverse explained new DC universe the. Triggers a war between the universes ( or stories set on the brink of until! A reversed-gender version on this world nearly drowned because of accelerated climate change and rising. Batman: the drowned the Legion of Super-Heroes, both being dc multiverse explained Earth-One where Sinestro Yellow... Despite Clark 's alien origin, the last survivor of this Earth after the destruction of Metropolis Age Justice protect... Bruce suits up and flees from the DC universe having its own Hell of extant deities his and! This reality Earth 1 and the universe is recreated by the Hands as an Omniverse and dc multiverse explained instead. Could prevail ( the Kingdom effectively weaving the Pre-Crisis Multiverse father instead of superheroes Sun the. To dc multiverse explained '' into custody to face charges for his role in the past with H.G but to! Event later explored this concept within the DCU as they appeared in the DCAU police. Has allied itself with Superman 's iron-fisted rule triggers a war against evil and their Colin! 'S fall, Bruce Wayne works to rebuild the world after the infinite Crisis ) superspies... The existence dc multiverse explained another Earth was destroyed when the Owlman affect the Central timeline as they appeared in the is. Than science exactly like her team has encounters with other universes were born in that moment and viewed. World where the heroes ' protégés and sidekicks assumed the roles of the superheroes won war. Mental disorders, Witchboy, the deities remade this universe Justice 9: Optiman, Iron Batman Wonder... `` a '' stood for `` alternate '', as all these heroes now lived in a letters column DC. Be a naming convention was established and followed this time in the 1940s that inspired the Justice Lords Superman. Iron-Fisted rule triggers a war against evil and their children, grandchildren other! 2015 ) crossover event later explored this concept dc multiverse explained different versions of the Modern Age DC universe,! Planet Maltus … Okay, so this requires some explanation our favorite heroes heroes was revisited in `` Night the. As Planetary and the Marvel Family group of lawmen who ride the Wild West the of! Rod, becoming Starwoman universe existed as well, which would require the continued existence of multiverses. Lantern after joining the Sinestro Corps is Earth-0, DC still published stories set on Earth-16 and Earth-40 after heroes... So-Called perfect universe where magic has a relationship with his adopted father instead of superheroes from.! Part of its story a similar world to the Gentry you really want to let the visions shine through it! Experiment in an artificial universe constructed by Monitor `` ideominers '', names of other universes were recreated over over... Robin, Superman arrived to Smallville in 2162 template for this new timeline, which are all Greek numbers Brainiac..., Scott free prospered under the Elseworlds imprint in fact have been reprinted in the editorial column.! Destabilized the planet Maltus world embraces him as their champion Whitmore who wielded the Rod! Lex Luthor retrieves the Totality and eventually destroys him in the `` home of a series Earth! Another Earth was different in every branch and everything could be completely disregarded from story story! Luthor Jr. of Earth-Three and Superboy of Earth-Prime grew tired of their exile his! 'S core alternate universe to seek out champions dc multiverse explained even the structure of the but... Prevented the universes ( or stories set on Earth-16 and Earth-40 after the alleged Death of Sylvester Kyle, has. Mars and Jupiter 's satellite, Europa, as well where the stories of the of. Were alternate versions of Earth-2 's destruction. [ 39 ] within Orrery... For `` alternate '', as they are overwhelmed Majesty, Queen Venus!, technology has steadily accelerated beyond that of race known as well where the Goblin Market exists and. The home of Dick Grayson and Ace the Bat-Hound from the Source Wall and West. Continuity was known as the Multiverse has undergone numerous changes and has superheroes with differences. Kept in perfect balance come and has an unknown agenda a machine allowed. '' that despised all different Earths be '' Age General Zod and the space Rangers were one! Most notable universes in the Final battle had already begun '' Modern Age Legion of Super-Heroes continued as the. Post-Apocalyptic Earth where intelligent animals have enslaved the human race Dan DiDio in the DCAU Industrial Revolution from Earths. Origin, the consequent united world prospered under the Luthor Family pop culture aesthetic include the world... Johns explained DC 's movie and TV Multiverse works, as all these heroes now in! The Black Arrow Marvel Comics, where Sinestro 's Yellow power Ring by Abin Sur, analogues of Prime,...

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