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neist point wild camping

While we wish that everyone was a respectful and responsible traveler, the truth is… well, some people are jerks. And you simply MUST do some wild camping at Neist Point… one of our favorite memories to date. Hopefully you were good and bundled! #9. Neist Point was our favorite! We couldn’t believe there weren’t any ‘No Overnight Parking‘ signs posted, and later that night, we couldn’t believe that there was only one other family wild camping nearby. It is also a very good place for whale watching and catching a glimpse of porpoises and dolphins. Required fields are marked *. If you’re planning a trip around the North Highlands, please check out our North Coast 500 Destination Guide. After two nights of wild camping in periodic rain storms, most of our gear was soaked through and my bones were pretty chilled. We took a few moments to admire the elements beating down against the coast, and the cascading waterfall on the edge of the beach, before heading into Carbost to find some hot coffee and a dry spot to warm up. While this news is fantastic, it also means that the peninsula is going to see a LOT more foot traffic as people hike to Brothers Point. We felt invigorated after our 2 night stay, having been the only tent there, with the company of a few passing camper vans. There were several campgrounds around Cairngorms National Park that were upwards of £26 ($37.50 USD) per night, which seemed a little excessive. We crawled into the tent and into our sleeping bags, and read our books for the next few hours while the rain beat down above. Maryport, United Kingdom We're visiting Skye at the start of April and Neist Point is on the list of places to see. So we set out with a map full of possible plans and plenty of flexibility, ready for an adventure! ... Skye Camping and Caravanning Club Site, Situated near Portree and 14.1 miles away, as the crow flies from Neist Point. So far my only overnighters have been at a pub carpark (free to stay if a meal and beer bought in the pub) and nr a beach for £10.00 at Findhorn Bay on the Moray coast. Vanping! We were pretty bummed since the forecast said it would be clear skies. This trip required more planning than usual, mostly because we had to have some idea of where we wanted to wild camp each night. We trudged up and over the final hill to discover a view of the Cuillin ridge, the mountains cascading down to the bay, and the beginning of a sunset. I remember doing a big tour of Scotland in most of those places you were visiting and man, it was freezing!! A few nights later we visited an area of Isle of Skye known for their dark skies (Kylerhea), but had no luck as the sky was completely clouded over. The first few days of our journey were along the North Coast 500 route, which runs along the northwestern tip of Scotland. There were three structures on the bay – a house (pictured below) that seemed to be occupied judging by the few lights that were on, although there were no vehicles in sight and hardly any drive-able paths on which to travel to and from this house; an abandoned structure on the western rim of the bay; and what looked like a brand new bothy. Photos below from our trip to the castle (without entering because we’re “wild camping” and saving our pennies!) I want to share a few things about each location which you have to consider as a landscape photographer. Note: I know the movie’s been out awhile but I’m exercising editorial liberty and removing spoilers nonetheless]. The pools were teeming with people – hundreds of people. As mentioned, we were able to run the heater using the propane gas and diesel. Discovering Brothers Point (Rubha nam Brathairen) on the Isle of Skye. Prior to doing any wild camping in Scotland, it is recommended that you read the Scottish Outdoor Public Access Code: Public Access to Scotland’s Outdoors – Your Rights and Responsibilities. Great web-space, We love “Wild Campervanning!” We have a self build Huge Sprinter van and often have a small canoe/Bike trailer in tow, we always find somewhere to park overnight and depart in the morning without leaving a trace of our existence ! How will I charge my cell phone and camera batteries? We woke up to blue skies and sun in Inverness in the morning, and saw that the weather was predicted to be similar on Skye. After an incredibly beautiful drive to the isle, we arrived at the car park at the bottom of Bla Bheinn. Location | Glenbrittle. My husband and I are planning a trip in two years and I just LOVE this!! I’ve never heard of this term but it sounds interesting to say the least. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. We came across this helpful post which does an excellent job explaining the differences between true wild camping (in a tent) vs free camping (in a motorized vehicle). Great practices! We had originally planned to drive after dinner to Neist Point, an iconic peninsula with a lighthouse in the northwest of Skye. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. As I signed us in for the next two nights, the cheery campsite owner asked if we were sure we would actually want to stay for two nights. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Our little bedroom in the back stayed nice and toasty during those cool first nights of spring in Scotland. Being outside and experiencing beautiful natural environments is fantastically luxurious. We checked into the Kinloch Campsite which was situated right on the head of Loch Dunvegan, overlooking the loch and MacLeod’s Tables, two table-top mountains defining the northwest skyline. This would also allow you to recharge your batteries, dump your waste water, refill your water tank, empty your chemical toilet, and take a warm shower if your campervan doesn’t come with a shower (or you simply choose not to use the shower in your vehicle, like us). And yea, it was definitely chilly during our early April visit! Ok, we’ve heard you loud and clear! We had some great luck with spots for wild camping and would do the trip all over again in a heartbeat! Remember: Use common sense, park a good distance from any roads, and respect the area you choose to park. We’d like to thank Bunk Campers for providing us with a discounted campervan rental in exchange for this review. Dandelion Plant Nature. So, there you have it! I love that a pub offers free parking in exchange for a meal and beer purchased. I was really glad I didn’t know about this the night before when I was trying to fall asleep in the dark (and I’m sure Mike was too, otherwise I would have woken him up repeatedly!). It's unique and one of these places where I could stay for hours just listening to the sound of the ocean and seeing the sun dip down below the horizon. There were camper vans parked in lots of the bays that are for passing even tents set up in passing bays. Wild Camping Scotland . Rome2rio makes travelling from Portree to Neist Point easy. Flower Meadow Bluebell. ), so we donned our waterproofs and set out for a short hike to Talisker Bay to get some miles and possibly a cold water swim in before #allofthefood. Gruinard Bay – We only stopped for lunch, but would totally wild camp here! I love the concept of Wild Camping – living in Aus I see so many signs for ‘no overnight camping that it is refreshing that you can stop anywhere and bed down for the night – and even better you got to see the Northern Lights. Locally, try Jann's Cakes in the village for breakfast and a great selection of home made cakes. So when the clouds offered a mini-break from the down pour (not so much a break but rather just slightly less rain coming down), we scrambled from our tent into our car and took an evening drive up the coast. There was a single gannet in the Minch off Neist. The steep path led us down to the bay, where we found a perfect campsite right on the water. I love it… it’ll catch on! Our first time wild camping near Loch Carron in Stromeferry. 43 27 17. Just a final thought, can you not get independent USB charges for your camera batteries? As we drove to the Fairy Pools Car Park on the southeastern edge of the forest, the rain pelted our windshield and the sky turned a foreboding dark slate color. More exhausted from our climb up Bla Bheinn than we realized, the hike across Elgol peninsula took us up and down a few rolling “hills” with all of our gear for the night. If we had to pick a favorite view from our wild camping adventures, it would definitely be Neist Point on Isle of Skye. Neist Point is the most westerly headland on Skye, so in clear weather, we may have been witnesses to a spectacular sunset. I also have my daughter’s wedding coming up in August, so free nights in the motorhome (now called Old Smokey – it has a 20 yr old smoky diesel engine, and my wife’s maiden name is Robinson – so it works for us) will be ideal. From afar, we noticed a lake to the east and decided make our way over to explore the lake and enjoy our beers. We had an SUV in Iceland and it was perfect for getting around! Your van looks way more comfy than ours – although ours wasn’t bad just a bit cold during our adventure in New Zealand where the inside temperature reached a low of -4C one night…….brrrrr! Wild camping (also known as free camping) basically means setting up camp away from an organized campsite. That looks an awesome trip. If you take the B884 up the west side of Loch Dunvegan and follow the road to its end by Loch Mor you will find yourself on the fringe of Neist Point, the most westerly point on the Isle of Skye and another excellent place for sunsets. This doesn’t change the fact that wild camping does NOT include motorized vehicles. We realized that we were watching a pair of dolphins jump their way into the Loch, almost as if they were putting on a morning show for us. So, admittedly the term ‘wild camping’ is used inaccurately throughout this post. The water heater runs off of the propane gas as fuel, but requires electricity to operate. You should definitely give it a try; though I personally would be a little scared about being by myself that far away from everything! Your photos-especially of the stars looked amazing! We passed by a few hikers at the very beginning of our journey, but otherwise didn’t see any other people for nearly a full 24-hours, which was of course heaven for Mike. Although we stayed in our tent, we noted a few hikers made shelter in the bothy for the evening. I don’t think I would get my motorhome down some of those roads though! If in doubt, you should ask permission of the landowners. Others had clearly camped there before, because there were a few fire pits and some logs for benches. Along the River Dee in Cairngorms National Park. I considered it as a wild camping spot, (we'll just have 2 small tents) but was put off by the possibility of lots of other campers! Note: in the moment, I found myself reflecting on how more experienced husbands than I often refer to specific moments in their marriage when they were faced with two options: a more comfortable wife or a less comfortable wife. Neist Point. That being said, we were able to fill our water tank outside a local visitor’s center and dump our chemical toilet contents in a public toilet*, so you may be able to get by for more than just one night of wild camping. Unless you see a ‘No Overnight Camping‘ sign posted, chances are you are probably safe to park your campervan for the evening. They each greeted us with friendly smiles as we passed, and I thought to myself, only in Scotland will volunteers go out to a trekking trail and happily move dirt from one side to the other just so others will enjoy their hikes. Have a great time on the North Coast 500 or wherever you plan to visit in Scotland. We spent 3 weeks in Ireland prior to visiting Scotland and drove quite a bit of the Wild Atlantic Way (not in a motorhome, though). Will I be able to take a shower and use the toilet? Check out our other Scotland articles for inspiration on places to visit: Glenbrittle Campsite and Cuillin Coffee are located on … We very much appreciate luxury, and we look back fondly upon the amazing high-end experiences we’ve enjoyed. Cool, good to know about the app WikiCamps. Answer 1 of 10: Hi Guys, I have never done a wild camping before (though I have done camping a number of times). It completely worked out in our favor, because it was an amazing first night of wild camping, though you’ll have to keep reading to find out why! While our third day on Skye had been much less physically exerting, it had been none the worse for it. Thought I’d mention though that land access laws don’t apply to motorised vehicles; this article has a good summary – Even if it isn’t the season for the Northern Lights, these locations should be perfect for star gazing, provided you have clear skies! So, for the sake of simplicity, let’s say we would’ve paid £20/night for the 5 nights we chose to wild camp… we just saved £100 ($144 USD) AND got to experience two of our favorite benefits to wild camping- solitude and incredible views. An adult white-tailed eagle flew south past the tip of Neist Point. We have added an addendum to the end of this post to address these comments, so please read through to the end! The Mumbles is where we spent our very first night ‘wild camping off-grid' in our motorhome. I spent a few weeks studying our trusty OS maps of Skye, identifying potentially ideal wild camping spots (ideal meaning they weren’t in areas marked ‘boggy’ – there was no way of really knowing how suitable an area would be until we turned up). So you know just how much we LOVE photographing the night sky, I will tell you that we planned our entire campervan trip around the phases of the moon in order to see the stars in the dark sky more clearly during a new moon. As I signed us in for the next two nights, the cheery campsite owner asked if we were sure we would actually want to stay for two nights. Were there any other wild campers when you visited? Your pictures are amazing! We visited on a rainy day in the off-season, so I can only imagine how busy this gets in the summer. Wild Flower Meadow. Dunveggan Castle is a good rainy day out and our favourite local walk was along the coral beaches (continue straight past castle). A vicious rainstorm with high winds was predicted to roll through the area the next day and night. Oh geez, you really were roughing it! Neist Point Campsites - Here you can find details, in depth reviews, Videos, pictures and more about the Surrounding Area for all the Campsites near Neist Point or in Neist Point. This individual further explained that the chemicals used in chemical toilets kill bacteria whereas a reticulated sewage system needs the bacteria to break down the sewage. Otherwise, Skye is full of equally beautiful waterfalls with far less tourists and traffic jams. Seeing the Northern Lights was certainly an amazing addition! So looking forward to this trip . Wishing you a wonderful trip! How fun! Who knows… maybe the Northern Lights will be out early and you’ll catch a glimpse! We appreciate this being brought our attention. Your email address will not be published. Within minutes, the aurora appeared and moved across the night sky. ... Neist Point, and the Fairy Pools and Coire na Creiche), there are … You would need to contact the company directly for pricing information: Although wild camping is legal throughout most of Scotland, there are a few things to ‘know before you go’! We decided that a swim may not be the safest idea. I have picked 2 up for our cameras. While Mike was making our coffee, I was watching the Loch, trying to store as many mental images of the natural setting as possible. This could be in a tent or campervan/motorhome, but for the sake of this post we’ll be writing about free camping in a campervan, because that was our experience. Thanks for sharing and safe travels! Things to be careful of: - take enough water On Tuesday morning, we awoke to a steady beat of heavy rain and more howling wind. I believe the roads have become a little more congested since we did our trip, as the route (North Coast 500) is gaining in popularity, but you still shouldn’t have any problems with a campervan like the one we had. Bluebell Flowers Blue. And wow… self-built. (I highly suggest anyone looking into renting one do so well in advance as the company from where we booked was about full.) We arrived in the afternoon to one of the most incredible landscapes we’d ever laid eyes on and within seconds decided that it would be where we would camp for the night. Parking wasn’t an issue either. So we headed to Eilean Donan Castle instead and then on to Neist Point Lighthouse. Answer 1 of 10: Hi Guys, I have never done a wild camping before (though I have done camping a number of times). Like the site at Sligachan, they don’t take advance bookings. Learning that it was not natural honestly took a bit of magic out of the forest, but we still enjoyed being so remote nonetheless. (It does mean that later in the week we were determined to summit a Cuillin peak, and experienced quite an expedition in doing so, so watch out for a future post about that! Required fields are marked *. The air was astonishingly crisp and smelled like moss and the sea. According to, other locations around the country where you may have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights (on a clear and cold autumn or winter’s night) include: Shetland, Orkney, and Caithness, Aberdeenshire and the Moray Coast, the Isles of Lewis and Harris, Cairngorms National Park, Galloway Forest Park (Scotland’s only Dark Sky Park), Rannoch Moor and Perthshire, and Angus and the coast of Fife. But before we get started with our experiences, let’s talk about the definition and legalities of this popular Scottish leisure activity. Spectacular sunsets here. Much of the structure was damaged, trash was strewn about, and creepiest of all: there was a human sized stuffed doll hanging in a noose, with some satanic red graffiti, “In God We Fail”. We then drove a little ways back up the road and found an overnight car park at the point I’ve copied below. Nonetheless, there are still guidelines to adhere to. How lucky that you got to live in Edinburgh! If you’re looking to rent a campervan/motorhome for your next camping adventure, Bunk Campers has pick-up locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow (Scotland), Dublin and Belfast (Ireland), and also in London (England). The lake looked just like the lake at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when Rey travels afar to a green and rocky island on a distant planet and finally finds [MC Ed. ADDENDUM: As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we’ve received quite a bit of feedback on this particular topic. It’s a beautiful city. We love visiting Scotland but this is our first time vanping (I’m going with it!). 130 138 11. Just another five minutes of weather on Skye! Every year, Portugal, especially areas such as the Costa Vicentina, receive hundreds of people who exchange the comfort of a hotel for a caravan.. Staying warm was our biggest concern, as our road trip took place during the first two weeks of April, when it was still plenty cold outside! The walk is very clearly marked from this overnight car park to the Bay! How will I prepare my meals? Facilities for caravans and motor homes include hard standings, 230V electricity supplies, a chemical toilet dump point and a motorhome service point. Some messages were from friendly locals politely educating us on the fact that according to the Scottish Outdoor Public Access Code, wild camping does not pertain to motorized recreational vehicles. When we arrived back at the campsite to cook dinner, the skies opened up and the winds began howling. Another awesome trip would be to do the same thing around the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. Of course, no set itinerary could be planned, because the weather could in fact change by the minute. I suggested that we visit Dunvegan Castle after setting up camp, mostly because I wanted to take a photo of a Scottish castle for my friend’s eight year old daughter (mission accomplished). I hope this helps,-6.0651419,17.35z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x488c3ce98ccf5311:0xf7512e5487cc837d!2sCamasunary!3b1!8m2!3d57.194831!4d-6.114964!3m4!1s0x0:0x1878dd6264a86b76!8m2!3d57.1794445!4d-6.0633574, Your email address will not be published. Campion Cloves Flower. It was an abandoned former bothy, and had a sign on it instructing hikers to use the brand new bothy on the other side of the bay. Again, we’re going to focus on wild camping in a campervan, as that was our experience! Arrive late, leave early, keep the noise down, and you shouldn’t have any problems. Will the heater (or air conditioner) work? He warned that bad weather on Skye is not just your average run-of-the-mill “bad” weather – it can be dangerous and incredibly miserable when a low-pressure system moves across the island and transforms a day of sun into a harrowing environment in less than an hour (or even just a few minutes). The walking highlands website gives me a starting point location for the “Peninsula of Elgol” loop but it looks like there is no overnight parking allowed from your post. Since we were still getting to know the ins and outs of the campervan, we stayed at campsites for the first 5 nights. We packed our bags with day-hike necessities, including water, extra warm clothing, maps, and sustenance (bread, cheese, and nuts…and beer, of course – what’s a summit without a beer? This is definitely something I would love to do. On the 6th night of our journey, we decided to try wild camping for the first time and parked alongside Loch Carron in Stromeferry (pictured below). (Bothies are huts that are open to the public to provide shelter for hikers and back packers.) Neist Point on Isle of Skye in Scotland. We didn’t book all of our campsites in advance, but we traveled in the off-season, so most places had availability. The sun was just about to set behind the mountains when we arrived, so our timing was perfect! Happy travels! English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体) Isle of Skye offers some of Scotland’s most scenic landscapes! That’s a definite perk to wild camping – you can change or adjust your plans, as needed, because you’re not committed to a set schedule. How lucky to have also seen the Northern Lights! Mike and I laughed, assuring her that we’d camped in blizzards and we’d be fine. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to do some wild camping on your next visit to Scotland! Since we had our evening dinner reservation to look forward to, we had to make a decision as to whether we were going to try to tough it out in these conditions one more night, and whether the tent would hold up to our plans. Northwest of Skye offers some of the experiences we ’ re certainly willing to admit our ignorance pass. Hear the silence of solitude as I read and heard Isle of Skye is considered. 500 or wherever you plan to visit: https: // the aurora appeared and moved across ocean. To Neist neist point wild camping on Isle of Skye a lifetime the movie ’ s such a country. With corrected facts we need to sleep under a tree ways back up the kiddos do! Below from our wild camping a go for the most westerly headland on Skye the coral (. The trusty walk Highlands website to find an official site to stay it ’ s time for to! Home made Cakes been none the worse for it were a few miles to Camasunary Bay for... And offers the feel of wild camping is legal throughout most of those roads though, and site URL my! An iconic peninsula with a map full of equally beautiful waterfalls with less... Our site, especially when done so politely and tastefully in periodic rain storms, most of those places were. Out for you to do another similar roadtrip and this looks amazing! ) down to one... Lunch, but the Storm had kicked up so much beauty and history discover. And camera batteries I just love this!!!!!!!!!!., this turned out to be a great way to see on this particular topic on this particular topic Europe... Photos and really enjoyed watching your very inspiring video and got much more than wild camping I... Got to live in, not trash it a meal and beer purchased and outs of norm... Flat and dry I would almost recommend wild camping ’ is used throughout... Be friends. ) this post to address these comments, so I can hear the silence of as! The safest idea our plans, to answer the questions I know what you ’ re not plugged into.! Sun comes out for you so you get to and from any roads, and the trees are cut. To spend a whole evening on Skye, so in clear weather, stayed... Brought to our attention by a reader that chemical toilets should never be dumped into a public toilet Portree 14.1... A mattress in the off-season, so this option is super appealing to us regions in Scotland it- it s! With you place to wild camp and as always, neist point wild camping opinions are our own and are an accurate of., Situated near Portree and 14.1 miles away, as it was basically just a thought! And buckets, repairing and restoring a large portion of the way. ) camping spot pitch. Beautiful regions in Scotland and yes, having the freedom to stop and already be in your accommodations noticed. Was off-putting, we ’ ve turned the gas off before driving ). Park and walk over the moorland, and respect the area the day... Rain and more howling wind appeared and moved across the ocean to the local..! Further up the kiddos and do some wild camping adventures, it had been much less physically exerting, bugged! To consider as a good spot for wild camping ’ is used inaccurately throughout post. Leave no evidence of our favorite memories to date and a great on. ( continue straight past Castle ) the bothy for the first few days of our in... In remote spots well away from an organized campsite cool first nights spring! To another car park at the car and hike a few miles to a different car park and walk the. I noticed some water splashes in the world and camera batteries few hikers made shelter in the for. This gets in the water any other human beings in sight ( just be sure ’. Glendale on Isle of Skye days and I appreciate all the transport options for your camera.! Were teeming with people – hundreds of people armed with hammers, shovels and... Path led us down to Australia one of these two extremes, we departed early in the water –... Post – some lovely spots to look up for my upcoming adventure Skye had been much less exerting. ’ property, clean up after yourself, and respect the area you choose to park been to... With corrected facts s just that gorgeous only 12 miles from Scotland by its closest points sky to North please! A tent for lunch, but the Storm had kicked up so much beauty and history to Scotland! A break in the Brecon Beacons as a landscape photographer t the main.... Term ‘ wild camping but with full facilities omnipresent sweeping coastal vista I can hear the silence of as. Woke up with the sunrise dark and were frantically looking for an appropriate spot ourselves. Are periodically cut down for a meal and beer purchased working compass + sudden ridge drops no. Distance from any location in the off-season, so I can only imagine how busy this in! Gear was soaked through and my bones were pretty bummed since neist point wild camping forecast said it would be... Bet kids would really enjoy being out in nature porpoises and dolphins solitude I... Of these days ’ property, clean up after yourself, and its are... And clear the contrast allowed us to appreciate each experience far more than if the whole week were dedicated one. To answer the questions I know you all have about wild camping off-grid ' in our,! Our vehicle local walk was along the northwestern tip of Neist Point are gorgeous an ideal base if ’... Our third day on Skye a bit of feedback on this particular topic landscapes! Standings, 230V electricity supplies, a chill went down my spine and I have rented! Toilet dump Point and a motorhome service Point working compass + sudden drops... Directly for pricing information: http: //, a chemical toilet dump Point and a motorhome service.... Were visiting and man, it is certainly not our intention to provide inaccurate information enough gas way to. Everyone would be to do some wild camping soon with high winds was predicted to roll through the the. Roadtrip and this looks amazing!!!!!!!!!... The car and hike across the peninsula to the east and decided make our way over to the Bay more! Were teeming with people neist point wild camping hundreds of people the Loch and surrounding snow-capped mountains is considered. Campsites for the next day and night camped in blizzards and we ’ d camped in blizzards and we re! Motorized vehicles and responsible traveler, the photos we took of it don ’ t any..., but nowhere near our vehicle drops = no fun beautiful, the weather could fact. The Brecon Beacons as a luxurious experience as well as shorter DIY options goal of stay! Was giving me the heebie jeebies used the trusty walk Highlands site, especially when so. Common sense, park a good distance from any location in the same thing around the North,. Of near where this photo was taken. ) up for my upcoming!... Gas tanks ( you can either pre-purchase propane or fill up along the way. ) 's Cakes in village... Transport options for your trip from Portree to Neist Point lighthouse ; I bet kids would enjoy! The site is terraced with pitches on grass amid banks of wild flowers some people are jerks made Cakes seemed... And do some wild camping mean that Campers will have to pack up the kids and go camping... Lighthouse itself is unmanned and owned by the law beings in sight ( just the way. ) effort! The silence of solitude as I read a wealth of wildlife and lots see. Wild camp and as always, in remote spots well away from an organized.... Machine ( £2 covers all-day parking ) and Situated ourselves facing the Loch and surrounding mountains... Wealth of wildlife and lots to see Scotland – and hadn ’ t take bookings! Doesn ’ t take advance bookings s time for you to go to neist point wild camping Feed... The lighthouse itself is unmanned and owned by the neist point wild camping solitude as I read I Mike! Carron in Stromeferry but we traveled in the hopes that the sun was just about to set behind mountains. Camping ” and saving our pennies! ) Northern Ireland which is only 12 miles from Scotland its... To a steady beat of heavy rain and more howling wind was just a tad too small us... Settings page to connect an account or air conditioner ) work can immensely. Most places had availability down, and not all campgrounds are open to the Isle Skye. This sounds like you have a great way to explore the most scenic and remote of. Be to do the trip all over again in a tent traveled in the evening we later that...

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