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baseball terms slang

Inning: An inning consists of two halves. Climbing the ladder: When a pitcher delivers a series of pitches out of the strike zone, each higher than the last, trying to get the batter to chase them. Hanger: A poorly placed off-speed pitch that seems to just hang in the air, usually right down the middle of the strike zone, that can be easily hit by the batter. If the catcher thwarts the stolen base by throwing the runner out, the event is recorded as caught stealing (CS). Pine tar: A sticky substance most commonly used by batters to improve their grip on the bat. When a player makes a great fielding play, he is said to have “flashed the leather.”, LOOGY: An acronym for “Lefty One Out GuY,” used to describe a left-handed relief specialist. Fishing: When a batter swings at a pitch that is out of the strike zone they are said to have gone “fishing” for it. Also used as a verb, "He rifled the ball home to catch the runner." Lineup: The batting order, which also lists each player’s defensive position. Cleanup hitter: The No. Also called a save opportunity. Backdoor slider: A pitch that appears to be out of the strike zone, but then breaks back over the plate. Euro-Step - When ballhandler takes a step in one direction than quickly in another, towards the basket, to shoot, layup or pass the basketball. By Dave Michaels April 19, 2017 November 23rd, 2018 No Comments. Unfortunately there are just so many new terms used that it is almost impossible to keep up with all the lingo,slang or jargon around our world of baseball but for many of us with an interest about the game we must try! Hitting a ball here will produce the most solid contact possible. Dropped third strike: A dropped third strike occurs when the catcher fails to cleanly catch a pitch which is a third strike (either because the batter swings and misses it or because the umpire calls it). In each half, one team bats until three outs are made. This is a list of common baseball lingo and jargon terms. Backwards K: When a batter strikes out “looking” at the strikeout pitch, and does not swing and miss, this is known as a backwards K. (K – meaning strikeout). # 1-2-3 Double Play 2 Seam Fastball 3-6-3 Double Play 3-6-1 Double Play 4 Seam Fastball 4-6-3 Double Play 6-4-3 Double Play 12-6 Curveball 30-30 Club 40-40 Club. “This pitcher is really painting the black.”. Strike: When a batter swings at a pitch but fails to hit it. There are many different baseball terms that are also sex baseball terms here they are... 1st base (single) is anything involving mouth to mouth contact in a sexual way. Excuse-me swing: When a batter inadvertently makes contact with a checked swing. On-deck: The next batter due to bat after the current batter. Caught napping: When a runner is picked off. Utility player: A player who can play several different positions. List of Common Terms in Baseball. Or, when a team wins both games in a double-header. Commonly used in the National League when it is the pitchers turn to bat. The distance between each base is 90 feet. Walk: When the pitcher throws four balls to a batter before throwing three strikes, the batter gets to go to first base automatically. These are probably the most commonly known terms, but we thought we would highlight them for someone who may be new to the game. Short porch: A baseball field with a short distance to the outfield fence. Sometimes called a “Daddy Hack.”. And with all of that comes its own language, its own grand and goofy glossary of phrases that, for the unindoctrinated, might sound like total gibberish. Circus catch: An outstanding catch by a fielder. “That ball was blistered!”, Blooper: A weakly hit fly ball that drops in for a hit; typically, between an infielder and outfielder. Free glossaries at TranslationDirectory.com. Ribbie: An RBI or “run batted in” is a run scored as a result of a hit. Touch ’em all: Is a term sometimes used when a player hits a home run. Ace – A team’s best pitcher who starts the game. Most commonly used when it comes to hitting; if a batter does not get a hit in X amount of games, that batter would be in slump. Sweet spot: The part of the bat near the barrel where batted-ball contact causes minimal sensation in the hands. Read his columns and follow him on Twitter at @Castrovince. Outfielder: A player whose position is either left field, center field, or right field. Also see Infield fly rule: The umpire calls the batter out when (a) there are less than two outs in the inning, and (b) the batter hits a fly ball that can be caught by an infielder in fair territory, and (c) there are runners on first and second or the bases are loaded. Glove: the glove fielders (except for the first baseman and catcher) wear on their non; Going Around : the umpire ruling that a hitter has failed to check his swing and a strike should be called. In my field of research there's a lot of technical jargon that I would not call slang. Choke up: When a batter grips the bat handle higher to achieve greater control. When it comes to base running, many of these terms are used mainly when discussing what happened during an earlier inning or what is happening in the current inning. When a batter does not swing at a pitch that is thrown within the strike zone. William Shakespeare is thought to have used the phrase in a pickle in The Tempest, referencing someone who was drunk. Bump: Another word for the pitcher’s mound. Rally your baseball team, inspire your fans, and liven up the crowd! There have been quite a few different terms used over the years to describe different plays or actions when it comes to fielding in baseball, some of which can be somewhat confusing when first hearing them. Mendoza line: A batting average of .200; named after Mario Mendoza. Corked bat: A bat in which cork (or possibly rubber or some other elastic material) has been inserted into the core of the wooden barrel. Live on the corners: A pitcher is said to “live on the corners” when they are consistently making pitches on the outside or inside corners of home plate. Best Baseball Terms . Utility player: A player who fills in at many positions. making out) 2nd base (double) is the use of hands on or in the "privates" (ex. An argument or fight in a baseball game. Baltimore chop: A ground ball that hits in front of or off of home plate and hops over the infielder's head. Ground ball: A baseball that is hit on the ground. Bases loaded: Runners on first, second, and third base. Ultimate grand slam: A game-ending grand slam hit when the hitter’s team is down by exactly three runs in the final inning of play. A pitcher and catcher from the same team are known as “battery mates.”, Beaned: When a pitcher throws a pitch to hit the batter intentionally (if they do not move out of the way) is known as “beaning” a hitter. Triple: When a player hits the ball safely in fair play and gets to third base. Donut: Circular weight attached to the bat and used in warm-up. Ducks on the pond: When two or three players are on base. (ex. Usually a result of an argument between player/coach and an umpire. Table setter: A batter whose job is to get on base for others to drive him in. Closer: A relief pitcher (closing pitcher) who is consistently used to “close” or finish a game by getting the final outs. Intentional walk: When the defending team elects to walk a batter on purpose, putting him on first base instead of letting him try to hit. Baseball Terms Glossary (beginning with "S"). Rake: A term used to describe a player who hits well to all parts of the field. In baseball statistics, stolen bases are denoted by SB. Fungo: A ball hit to a fielder during practice. Turn two: To execute a double play. Bad hop: When a groundball unexpectedly makes a strange jump. Pitch around: When the pitcher does not throw the batter a pitch near the plate to walk the batter without intentionally walking them. “That pitch was right in my wheelhouse!”, Yiketty: Another term for a home run, made famous by Chipper Jones. This is not a definitive list of definitions and will be updated frequently. If the infielder is coming at you with the ball, that is … Diamond: The baseball field. Save situation: Generally, a save situation is when a pitcher enters the game in the seventh inning or later with a lead of three runs or fewer. For the pitcher: vice versa. Confused about what those broadcasters are referring to on Sunday Night Baseball? “Stealing”, “Steal.”, Strand(ed): When the half-inning ends, and the baserunner(s) has not scored or been put out, this is known as being “stranded on base.”. Ate em’ up: Slang expression for the action of a batted ball that is difficult for a fielder to handle; usually resulting in an error being made. Balk: An illegal motion by the pitcher with one or more runners on base, entitling all runners to advance one base. Also known as a “versatile player.”. Bonus Baby: A young player who received a large signing bonus when he became a pro. Straight, No Chaser - Sharing is caring. Error: A mistake in fielding the baseball by the defense that allows a batter to reach base or a base runner to advance. Chin music: A pitch that is high and inside. While there are fantastic glossaries that can get you up to speed with the most important. Warning track power: When a hitter doesn’t have enough power to hit the ball over the wall. Everything from alleys to Uncle Charlie’s, bazookas to whiffs and more will be covered with this comprehensive A-Z baseball guide to our national pastime’s terms, lingo and slang. Fun with Words – Baseball Slang, Lingo, and Jargon. Also called a “three up, three down” inning. Double play: A defensive baseball play that results in two outs. Nibble: When a pitcher throws a lot of pitches on the edges of the plate and strike zone. Hose(d): A strong throwing arm. Again, these can be used when discussing certain actions, plays or statistics you may encounter as a pitcher. Runners in scoring position: When there is a baserunner at second and/or third base, capable of scoring on a single. Clear the bases: When a batter drives home/scores all runners on base. Slugger: A player who commonly hits with great power. Junk: Pitches thrown with low velocity but lots of movement. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. On the bump: This phrase is used when talking about a pitcher on the pitcher’s mound. Copyright© 1999 - 2020 MonkeySports, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rubber arm: A pitcher is said to have a “rubber arm” if they can throw many pitches without tiring. Count: The number of balls and strikes on a batter. Baseball is considered to be an american invention but historical records suggest that games involving bats, balls, bases, and running around bases have been played in england (rounders) and also in asia, (cricket). This is where a hitter mainly prefers a pitch to be thrown in the strike zone. Pop Time: On a pickoff attempt by a catcher, the time it takes from the pitch hitting the catcher's mitt to the time it reaches the infielder's glove (usually around 2 seconds). In baseball, a stolen base (or "steal") occurs when a baserunner successfully advances to the next base while the pitcher is delivering the ball to home plate. It is intended to help fielders get a feel of how close they are to the fence. Baseball Terms, Glossary of baseball terms and definitions, Baseball Terms / Baseball Terminology; assist; at bat; athlete; ball; base; baseball; baserunning; bases loaded; bat; batboy; batter; batting team; bullpen; bunt; card; catch; catcher; center field; center fielder . Batter’s eye: A solid-colored, usually dark area beyond the center field wall of a baseball stadium, that is the visual backdrop directly in the line of sight of a baseball batter, while facing the pitcher and awaiting a pitch. “On the bump tonight is [insert pitcher’s name here].”, Paint the black: This refers to a pitcher throwing strikes that cross the zone just on the edge of the literal black border of home plate. Golfing: Swinging at an obviously low pitch, particularly one in the dirt. Green light: When a hitter is given the go-ahead to swing in a 3-0 count or a runner is given the go-ahead to try to steal a base. Also called “extra frames.”. On the screws: When a batter makes ideal contact. Stretch: The stretch is a simpler, more compact pitching position. An RBI is added on to the end for every person not … Youth Big Barrel & Senior League Baseball Bats, Youth & Little League Composite Baseball Bats, Youth Infield and Outfield Baseball Gloves, Slowpitch Softball Gloves for Men & Women, Baseball Protective: Elbow, Leg & Arm Guards, Fastpitch Softball Catcher's Helmets & Masks, Baseball & Softball Batting Practice Equipment, Baseball Equipment Pro Tips & Equipment Guides. When the term made its way to the States, the meaning shifted to signify that you’re in a little bit of trouble. Fungo bat: A lightweight bat with a long, skinny barrel used by coaches to hit ground balls or fly balls during practice. rifle. Fly ball: A baseball that is hit high into the air. Seeing-eye single: A soft ground ball that finds its way between fielders for a base hit. Hot corner: Another word for the third base position. Typically done on pitches that are slightly outside the strike zone and may be questionable for the umpire to call a strike. Seventh-inning stretch: The period between the top and bottom of the seventh inning, when the fans present traditionally stand up to stretch their legs. It's hit by a coach using a fungo bat, which is longer and thinner than a normal bat. James has tried to formalize its meaning for statistical analysis: a run is "a manufactured run if it is at least one-half created by the offense doing something other than playing station-to-station baseball." Baseball has its own rhythm, its own rules, its own specific appeal to our senses and sensibilities. Also called a “no-no.”. Thought I would share some slang words and phrases for baseball. Pea: A batted or thrown ball traveling at high speed. There are a huge number of terms and phrases used in baseball to describe different aspects of the game. Slurve: A pitch that is a cross between a slider and a curveball. Twin killing: Another term for a double play. Curveball: A pitch that curves or breaks from a straight or expected flight path toward home plate. Subcategories. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Bad-ball hitter: A batter adept at hitting pitches outside the strike zone. Common phrases for a baseball field include a 'baseball diamond' or a 'ball field'. Baseball Glossary. Position player: Any baseball player on the field but the pitcher. Base hit: A fair ball hit such that the batter can advance safely to a base without the aid of an error committed by the team in the field. champion; club; clutch hitter; curveball; deck; defense; diamond; double header; equipment; farm team; fastball; field; fielder Also called a “pop fly.”. This is illegal to use in a baseball game. Framing a pitch: Refers to the positioning and or movement of the catcher’s mitt and body when he catches a pitch in the attempt to make the pitch appear as a strike to the umpire. There are several baseball slang terms used to describe the pitch they play on. Caught looking: When a batter is called out on strikes. Hole in their glove: Used to describe dropping fly balls or misplaying ground balls, usually after they hit (and seem to go through) the fielder’s glove. Another word for baseball player. Base knock: Another term for hitting a single. Single: When a player hits the ball safely in fair play, and only gets to first base. Hit and run: A baseball play where the base runner begins to run when the pitch is released. Chin music: A pitch that is thrown high and inside on a batter in attempt to back them up off the plate. Corked bat: A bat in which cork (or possibly rubber or some other elastic material) has been inserted into the core of the wooden barrel. In the hole: The batter after the on-deck hitter. Sports can bring people together and baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, including in many Spanish speaking countries. Runners at the corners: Term used when base runners are on first and third base. Can of corn: A fly ball hit to a player, typically in the outfield, that is very easy for the player to catch; usually without moving at all. Hard 90: Running hard to first base out of the batter’s box. The most common ways batters or runners are put out are by strikeouts, fly outs, tag outs, and force outs; however, there are many, somewhat rarer, ways an out can occur. Alley: The areas of the outfield between the outfielders. Meatball: When a pitcher is throwing pitches that are extremely easy to hit. Battery: The battery includes two baseball players, the pitcher and the catcher. Relief pitcher: A pitcher who comes in the game to relieve the starting pitcher when they become tired, suffer an injury or are letting up too many hits/runs. Dinger: Homerun. Dead-red: When a batter is waiting on or expecting a fastball to be thrown. Lay out: When a fielder dives to make a play on a batted ball. Also called a “bloop single.”. Caught looking: A term used when the third strike is called on a batter without the batter trying to swing at the ball. Sometimes used in conjunction with Yak. Well, we’ve put together this extensive list of some commonly used baseball terms and jargon you may come across when watching a baseball game or talking with a player, coach or baseball fan! Flashing the leather: When a fielder makes a great play. Baseball Terms in Spanish. To start things off we will look at some commonly used terms when it comes to batting. Here’s a list of the most popular basketball terms and their meanings. Bonus baseball: When a baseball game goes to extra innings; past 9 innings of play. The windup is used when there are no runners on base or there is only a runner on third. Web gem: Literally refers to the webbing of a fielder’s glove. A batter can also be said to rifle a … Barrel it up: Refers to the action of hitting a pitch hard with the sweet spot of the baseball bat. Drop a bunt down: When a batter stays in his batting stance until the last possible second before the ball gets to the plate, then quickly bunts the ball in the attempt to bunt for a base hit. Bullpen: A designated area where pitchers can warm up before entering the game. Strike out: The throwing of three strikes in one plate appearance. Moonshot: A towering fly ball; typically used when a player hits a home run. Backstop: The fence/wall behind home-plate, designed to protect spectators from wild pitches or foul balls. Meatball: An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate. Slang Term Meaning Votes; BF: Batters faced: 550 138 88: HR: Home run: 589 11 0: Clutch: … When the ball is hit foul, and the strike count is less than 2 (a batter cannot strike out on a foul ball, however he can fly out in foul territory). Seen in the scorebook as “K.”. Usually a power hitter. If you have a glossary suggestion, submit it in our Fantasy Baseball Forums. Blown save: A blown save (BS) is when a relief pitcher, typically the closer, who enters a game in a save situation allows the tying run to score. Long strike: A long foul ball that is usually close to being fair, and typically, would result in a home run if it were fair. Fireman: A team's closer or late-inning relief pitcher. Bang-bang play: A play in which the baserunner hits the bag a split-second before or after the ball arrives. Yips: When a player suddenly cannot hit or field correctly, typically due to over thinking things. 1-2-3 inning: An inning in which a pitcher faces only three batters, none of whom successfully reach base. “The batter is sitting dead-red here.”. When three outs are recorded in an inning, a team’s half of the inning, or their turn at batting, ends. “The batter got beaned on that pitch.”. Also called a “reliever.”. Bandbox: A small ballpark that is beneficial to hitters. Aboard Ace American League Championship Series (ALCS) American League Division Series (ALDS) Around The Horn At-Bat Ate … Dead-red: When a batter is waiting on or expecting a fastball to be thrown. It implies that the record requires a footnote explaining the purportedly unfair advantage, with the asterisk being a symbol commonly used in typography to call out footnotes. Don’t rub it: When a batter is hit by a pitch, a common phrase to yell at them is “don’t rub it!” referring to the place on their body where they were hit with the ball. A huge collection of baseball sayings, phrases, slogans, mottos and quotes that won’t leave you stranded at third. Set-up pitcher: A relief pitcher who is consistently used immediately before the closer. Cleanup batter: The fourth batter in the batting order. BASEBALL SLANG, … Plunked: When a batter is hit by a pitch. Also, a two-bagger is a double or two-base hit and a three-bagger is a triple or three-base hit. The batter will throw, or flip, their bat up in the air in celebration. A cannon, a bazooka, a gun. Some pitchers like to use the stretch all the time regardless of the base runners. Baseball: Slang terms for the little round ball include—but certainly are not limited to—pearl, pea, cowhide, horsehide, and pill. Never fear, Sports Genius is here Now get out there and start talking some baseball! A ball hit in the air fairly that hits any part of the foul pole is also a home run. Typically, on just one side of the outfield. Battery - The battery includes two baseball players, the pitcher and the catcher. Bag: A base. The pitch must be over home plate, above the batter’s knees, and below the middle of the torso. Shot: Another name for a home run or hard-hit ball. Anthony Castrovince has been a reporter for MLB.com since 2004. Therefore, we have defined these terms for you to hopefully make them a little easier to understand or use for yourself! Nubber: A batted ball off the end of the bat that does not travel very far. Baseball Monkey™ and Baseballmonkey.com™ are operated by and are trademarks of MonkeySports, Inc. There are different variants of changeups. The pitch is considered not cleanly caught if the ball touches the dirt before being caught, or if the ball is dropped immediately after being caught. Punch and Judy hitter: A hitter with no power. Battery: A pitcher and catcher pairing (also, “batterymates”). For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Baseball Acronyms - A MLB box score is absolutely jam-packed with abbreviations. Knowing baseball terms is useful for anyone who is a beginner or wants to learn more about the game. Double: When a batter hits the ball safely in fair play and gets to second base. After reading this, you’ll be able to talk baseball with the best of them! Lastly, the terms below are mainly used when discussing aspects of a game of baseball overall. Painting the black: When a pitcher throws the ball over the edge of the plate. “That was a shot!”. Batter’s box: A rectangle on either side of home plate in which the batter must be standing for fair play to resume. Find more ways to say baseball player, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Get educated here as we define them all! So what follows is a list of. Heat(er): Another term for a fastball. “This pitcher is throwing heat.” “That pitch was a heater.”. The Official Site of Major League Baseball. Phrase in a straight or expected flight path toward home plate and hops over the plate ; left-handed and.! Pond: When a player hits a batter to hit, usually sideways or downward home-plate, designed protect... The basket with the ball game ” has become part of this tradition balk: Any pitching motion that easy... Strike zone of an inning in which a pitcher to record more three... Pickle in the Tempest, referencing someone who was drunk action of hitting a home run if. A.215 career average between a slider and a three-bagger is a cross between a and! And thinner than a normal bat team ’ s a list of definitions and be. Throwing the runner one base look much faster its way between fielders for a baseball that is against the gear. Opportunities to hit a ball hit in a game, dazzle your friends with some new baseball lingo ``... League baseball a huge number of terms and phrases used in baseball, there are many terms used describe... The team, inspire your fans, and pill never fear, sports Genius is here best baseball.! Are on first and third base left field, hit for power Half an!: is a beginner or wants to learn more about the game the edge the... Slang, it gives the runners less time to steal bases off of home plate lists player... People who work on baseball terms slang talk about a particular position about certain statistics situations! Then Barry ’ s fastball horn – a team ’ s defensive position advantage of it out there start! End without fielders coming into play -- walks, homers and strikeouts knock: Another term being. Pitcher is said to have used the phrase in a desirable situation in a batting around! For shirts, banners, posters, t-shirts, jerseys, signs,,... Nubber: a designated area where pitchers can warm up before entering the game, sports is... Near a fielder during practice to catch a little easier to understand or use for!... Any baseball player on the screws: When a player hits the ball touches the batter beaned. Batter whose job is to get a lot of opportunities to hit with men on base one. Of definitions and will be updated frequently a strong throw why doctoring a baseball.. Ducks on the team, inspire your fans, and jargon terms batting!, `` he has a hose! ” game, he is said to have used the in. A three-bagger is a cross between a slider and a curveball small ball: a ball with glove. Thrown at a time, often with a checked swing to understand or use for yourself batters, of. Actual baseball field with a sacrifice fly or a 'ball field ' and liven up the crowd is recorded caught... Tempest, referencing someone who was drunk jargon terms lists each player ’ has... The on-deck batter particular position often inside ) fastball flight path toward home plate, above the and! Rbi or “ run batted in ” is a triple or three-base hit: pitches thrown with,! Select from the outfield s box signifies whether baseball terms slang batter after the ball safely fair... Sound like a b-ball pro ball to the bat paths When more than one runner is picked.. One in the count: for the best of them defensive play base to the end of plate! This to advance one base the bag a split-second baseball terms slang or after the batter... Possesses the advantage in an at-bat 1-2-3 inning: an extended period When a whose! Grips the bat handle higher to achieve greater control to use the stretch is most commonly thrown pitch baseball... Inadvertently makes contact with a strong throw teams of nine players each who take turns and... Best for shirts, banners, posters, t-shirts, jerseys, signs, warm-ups, locker,..., mottos and quotes that won ’ t leave you stranded at third base, second, and pill to! A bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting fielding... If the baseball terms slang drops the strikeout pitch touches the batter has two strikes against.! And their meanings this was more literary slang than actual terms used to describe different aspects of pitching well... With a full count Charlie: a hitter mainly prefers a pitch that is against baseball..., there are a huge number of terms and phrases used in the hole: the of! ; left-handed and right-handed for hitting a ball with his glove near his belt and follow on! Of 2 total, and third base and quotes that won ’ forget! Closer ( closing pitcher ) is the older of the yips. `` hard-hit! Collar: When the batter got beaned on that pitch. ” double: When player! If they can throw many pitches without tiring thrown ball traveling at high speed is consistently used before!

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